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Q&A: What is the best martial arts style for me?


Q&A: What is the best martial arts style for me?

Question by Sara: What is the best martial arts style for me?
I am a 5’4.. 105 pound girl. I am extremely interested in learning some form of martial arts. However, I am a bit clueless on the different styles. I was wondering if anyone who is more experienced in the different styles could help me figure out the best style for me.

I am looking for a powerful more offensive fighting style. I am personally not to big on throws. The more punches and kicks the better. With my small size I believe my quickness may help whichever fighting style I choose.
Also to add to this. I am asking those who know alot about martial arts to begin with. Please don’t tell me to look into martial arts for myself and please don’t give me dumb responses. Just those who’d like to give me their opinion on what fighting style they think would best suit me. Other than that, don’t reply please.

Best answer:

Answer by Bryan
well i practice Shotokan, its fits most of what you are looking for, im pretty small, but i can throw down.

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