Q&A: How is fashion important to world history?

Question by maglover117: How is fashion important to world history?
I am doing a project on ancient Asian fashions. We have to include how fashion is important to world history and how it affected world history. Any other information on fashion and how it changed in ancient Asia ( 1000 BCE to 1600 ACE) would also be helpful. (This is a high school class.) Thank you!
Thank you so much to everyone who answered! They were all really helpful. 🙂

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Answer by Phineas
It’s relatively unimportant to history. However, since you have to pretend that it is, just discuss the differences between classes’ clothing, the difference of religious leaders clothing, and the changes seen in mens clothing versus women’s clothing. Research various cultures, and maybe you point out unique clothing like in Korea they have the traditional han bok for various customs.

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