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Question by : MAKEUP??????????????????????????
I am fourteen and swim so right after i go to school i have swim practice so its just a hassle to take off the makeup so i dont wear it too often……. i just want to know your best products (at a reasonable price) and maybe remover so that i can wear makeup more often!
p.s. i already have some makeup

Best answer:

Answer by Mara
hm.. im 15 and id say the covergirl foundations are really good! and try using covergirl makeup remembver or even olay makeup wipes! i think its really good that you swim! 🙂
answer mine ?;_ylt=AoG9SdyzgNsXj9bMmyFTtRfBFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20120113160309AAQuH2u

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