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How to style the poof for side swept bangs?


How to style the poof for side swept bangs?

Question by : How to style the poof for side swept bangs?
I have bangs that are styled to the left. I’ve tried and tried again to style the poof but it doesn’t work. Can anyone give me advice/tips to style the poof for my side swept bangs?

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Answer by Grace
well, it depends. you may need to be more specific at times. so i have two answers:

pinning bangs on top of your head:
if you are going for this look, comb your bangs forward so its like you have full-on bangs that cover your eyes probably. then, from the outside corner of your eye, pick up all the hair in between. push all the excess hair behind your ears. then comb your bangs upward towards the ceiling. next, tease the back of your bangs. after that, comb them slowly downward towards the top of you head and clip them. helpful tip: when pinning, try to use a clip instead of a bobby pin, because bobby pins sometimes do not connect your hair and bangs and flatten your bangs.

keeping bangs to the left, but making them poofier:
brush your bangs to the left, like normal. then, take your bangs and brush them outward. next, tease under your bangs. then drop them, and brush down a little bit so theyre not oober puffed. style as usual, and enjoy!

hope this helped you!

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