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How can i start a makeup collection?


How can i start a makeup collection?

Question by : How can i start a makeup collection?
Im just getting into makeup and really looking foward to start a collection. Im looking for answers on good brands, cheap brands, expensive brands, a sample christmas list, natural makeup routine, organization tips and tricks, whatever 411 u can give me. For holloween i was a zombie and i did my makeup really good and it kinda inspired me to be a makeup artist! Its not just holloween makeup i like to do but makeup in general! Thanks!

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Answer by Michelle
start drug stores maybelline Revlon L’Oreal are really good for starters. walmart hard candy. nyx . elf . bh cosmetics. coastal scents cosmetics. those are all good cheaper make up stuff. for high end brands i get anything in sephora or mac lol. make up brushes get a stipping foundation brush or a beauty blender sponge those are the best every popular make the make up stay on all day with a air brush look everybody wants on the face. face setting sprays are really good they come in spray bottles in sephora and ulta and after you put on all of your make up you spray them on the face and it makes the make ups t ay on all day. best eyeliners maybelline define a eyeliner. L’Oreal carbon liquid eyeliner. L’Oreal hip cream gel eyeliner.

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