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What to know and learn about fine dining?


What to know and learn about fine dining?

by tychay

Question by : What to know and learn about fine dining?
I’m planning to learn about fine dining, extensively, but to begin with I’m looking for a succint guide to the basics. I have about a year to learn everything, so I’m not trying to rush into a crash course, but I would like to be well versed in the points of finer dining over time. This is moreso from a serving standpoint than a dining standpoint, although both will do. Does anyone have a book or guide they can share that covers the ins and outs of fine dining?

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Answer by Herbert S
Use the right fork for the right dish.
Napkin on the lap, (tucked in as a tie gets strange looks)
Dress appropriately. Many places require jacket and tie.
And learn the proper way to hold you utensils. Grabbing a spoon like a shovel (I have seen this done more than I like to admit) is not proper etiquette.
Other than that there is not much different than normal dining except for sticker shock when your bill comes.


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