What are the dining options on the Golden Princess?

Question by Barkley Hound: What are the dining options on the Golden Princess?
I have seen some conflicting answers on other web sites. I am going to Hawaii in January. I have signed up for “anytime dining”. My understanding is that it has the same menu as the “traditional dining”. What do I therefore miss by have “anytime” over “traditional”? In other words why select traditional?

Is anytime dining in separate dining rooms from traditional?

Other than the buffet, hot dogs and hamburgers, and pizza, what else is free.

What is the price and selection for the non free dining choices?

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Answer by Time travler
It is the exact same food that is served in the traditional dinning room. It is in a separate dinning room to keep down the confusion. What I have found is the main difference in doing traditional dinning and anytime dinning is the wait staff do not get to know your likes and dislikes with anytime dinning because you have a different waiter every time. Plus you eat with different people at dinner. For a treat, at 3pm you can get free ice cream in the buffet court. Dinning in the speciality restaurants varies in price. I believe Sabatini’s is $ 20 per person(well worth it for a one time deal) The steak house is like $ 15. You will find food at the buffet 24 hours a day. Believe me, no matter what your taste is, you will not go hungry. Oh, I forgot, they also do an afternoon tea where you get finger foods and pastries. Also near the buffet but right before you go inside, they usually have some speciality foods. This varies from a variety of fruits, or pastries, or sushi, or a variety of other yummy items.

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