Question by Jelly Belly: Restaurant?
I may only be in 8th grade, but I have very big plans for my future! I plan to open a restaurant when I am older. I plan to call it Just Desserts. And as you probably have guesses, it will only serve desserts. It isn’t exactly going to be a bakery though. But I need a little help. How should I plan oppening it. I am already going to have my friends taste test my recipes, but what else can I do to make sure it could be succsessful enough that it may even start a chain?
I am sooooo sorry, but I didn’t know the name was already taken so name ideas might help too!

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Answer by Dave C
Not to burst your bubble but “Just Desserts” is already taken.

You need to come up with a business plan which addresses cost, location, clietele and how you plan to market your business.

Here’s a link that gives you the general idea of what you need to do…

Good Luck and have fun!

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