How do I conduct a food bank at a high school in California?

Question by Maddy: How do I conduct a food bank at a high school in California?
I’m a senior, and for my senior project I am putting together a food bank. The food collected is donated food from other students, and the remains of the cafeteria food. It is all packaged, so there’s no worry. The food is to to go the needy students, of this campus. However, keeping every individual under consideration, how do I go about this food bank without offending any of the students? I’m sure a few would like to remain anonymous, because they’d be too embarrassed to publicize their necessity for food. So, how do I make it anonymous? Any tips, or ideas?

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Answer by Mike S
To be honest, I’m not sure you can. Once you publicize the food bank as being available, you almost certainly have to have someone supervising the room containing all the food to be sure no one trashes the place or contaminates the food. If just one person is in charge, that’s probably about the closest you can get to anonymity. The other option would be to offer the food online (using the high school computers) and the needy student could indicate an address for it to be shipped (the student could use his own home, a relative’s, or a friend’s place)… bottom line… you really wouldn’t know who would benefit in this case.

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