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Q&A: painting…?


Q&A: painting…?

Question by crzinluv: painting…?
i have a large red brick fireplace in my living room. the people who lived here before me let the fire come out on the brick and turned it black. i am thinking of painting the brick white or grey. any suggestions on color or type of paint or if it has to be heat resistance paint would be helpful. thanks

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Answer by Butterfly Lover
Before you paint, you need to clean all or at least most of that soot off the brick, for this you can use foaming bath cleaner like scrubbing bubbles and a scrub brush. Once the brick is clean and dry, apply masonry primer or conditioner and then your interior latex paint. Discuss the application with the staff of your paint store to be sure you get a primer suitable for use on masonry, ideally latex because it can give a bit and breathe, which is ideal for brick.


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