How to make a sculpture that equals my body mass?


Question by : How to make a sculpture that equals my body mass?
My sculpture professor says we must create a sculpture with any type of material that equals our own body mass. Can you elaborate on that for me, please?

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Answer by tigrillen
I don’t really know what your professor meant. He could have meant that you have to make a sculpture with material which weighs as much as you do (mass is often used interchangeably with weight), he could have meant the same volume (though then the word mass wouldn’t really be appropriate). Then he could have meant you need to use the same volume for a sculpture including or excluding negative space.

I suggest you clarify with him as it seems to me unlikely that he used mass in the sense of weight. He gets paid for talking to you, we don’t. So make him earn his salary.

If it is volume, make a tape sculpture of yourself. That would be easy and guaranteed to have the same volume than you, but weigh considerably less.

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