LONGORIA Releases Much Anticipated Album BAILA! (Spanish Version)

David Longoria Baila Spanish Version

LONGORIA Releases Much Anticipated Album BAILA! (Spanish Version)

Trumpeter David Longoria has already achieved much success with the singles from his latest album, Baila! which was released today on Del Oro Music. His instrumental single Zoon Baloomba climbed the US Billboard Dance Music Chart in December, making it the first national Instrumental Hit on that chart since 1979. That year trumpet icon Herb Alpert rose up the chart with his smash hit Rise. When Longoria’s single entered the chart at #49, Billboard recognized the achievement and wrote about it’s historic debut. Zoon Baloomba went on to reach #21 at it’s peak in the beginning of 2013. The music video reached #1 and stayed for 4 weeks on the US Dance Music Videos Chart. On YouTube it has gathered more than 2.6 Million plays so far.
All this excitement made Longoria wrap up the album and prep it for an international release.
“I have had such a great time making the album”, says Longoria, adding “It’s taken on a life of it’s own and it’s direction has carved a completely different path than I expected”.
Longoria has made an impressive name for himself writing, producing and performing on hit albums with such artists as Sting, Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, Boys II Men and many more. “I love to contribute to other artists’ music but there’s something very rewarding about creating my own music from the ground up”, he says. His own performances have been highly acclaimed,earning him dozens of music awards including the ASYM “All That Jazz” award, a coveted one given to music greats Quincy Jones, George Benson and others in past years. He claimed his award along with iconic stars Englebert Humperdinct, Billy Ray Cyrus, the late Mexican star Jenni Rivera, rapper Master P and others that night in Bel Air, California.

The songs from this release are featured in his TV Special airing now on PBS TV stations across America. Also called Baila! the 90 minute performance concert style special features several guest stars and 40 performers on stage with David Longoria.

“Baila means dance in Spanish”, Longoria explains, adding “and both the TV Special and the album are a collection of songs that make you dance.” Along with Longoria’s 14 piece band and singers are dancers performing Salsa, hip hop, ballet, jazz, belly dance and even gogo dance. “We really shook up the Public Broadcasting audience I think”, says Longoria. In addition to the TV stations airing the special, it is also available online for viewing for a limited time at pbsspecials.org

In addition to his well known trumpet playing, Longoria sings a few of the songs in the show and on the album. He has achieved pop chart success in the recent past with his singing, when his original song Deeper Love featuring dance diva Cece Peniston climbed the Billboard chart to reach #14. “Reaching into the top 20 on the Billboard chart was a great milestone for me and I was thrilled to do it with singing and playing my trumpet on a song,” Longoria exclaims. That success led to many TV and concert performances across Europe and the US for Longoria.

With the TV special now airing and the release of the Spanish version of Baila!, Longoria is taking to the road to perform a series of concerts and make personal appearances across the US. With a concentration on New York, Florida, Texas and California, Longoria will be stopping to share his music and engaging conversation on local and national TV. He will perform National Anthems at sporting events as well as make traditional public appearances. “I love to get out and meet the fans and to perform wherever they are”, he explains.

Describing the album, Longoria says it’s development took a natural course over a few years. Because he stays busy with his producing, writing and performing schedules, creating the album had to be squeezed into the times in between. “This feels like the delivery of a baby that;s been incubating for more than three years, ” he says, adding “and that’s a long time to be pregnant!”

Exploring different forms of dance and the music that inspires them was the motivation for the creation of Baila!. Longoria took his own approach to blending Latin styles with current dance music. His world class jazz improvisation on the trumpet became the melodic waterfall over the house music bed in a song called So Cool! An impromptu retro themed video for the song has become a YouTube classic gathering close to a half million views. To feature a taste of Tango, Longoria took a fresh approach to the Latin classic song Besame Mucho. With his passionate trumpet, along with strings and accordion he takes the listener on a romp worthy of a classic film fantasy of this sexy dance.

Baila! features guest stars including Flamenco Nouveau creator Ottmar Liebert, Spanish jazz guitarist Marc Antoine, and Conguero Poncho Sanchez all contribute historic solo work to the album. “I am honored to feature such wonderfully talented musicians along with me on Baila!”, says Longoria. The 15 song album includes genres ranging from Latin Jazz to sultry Latin Pop, Samba, Salsa, Tango, Bossa Nova and even Latin club music. There’s something for everybody on this predominantly instrumental collection. Baila! is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and virtually everywhere music is sold.

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