Make Up???

Question by b.tiana304: Make Up??? My mom doesent want me to wear make up but why? She says it will break out my skin? Is that true? And do you think a girl my age should wear make up btw im 11 Best answer: Answer by Valentineyou’re too young thats why maybe when you’re 15 … Read more


Question by chicago23: Make-Up???? okay, i have a very fare complexion and blue eyes with a round face. what are some make-up tips? and what hair styles are good for me? Best answer: Answer by yuli_726 What do you think? Answer below!


Question by tony: FASHIOn ??? whats going to be the next big fashion trend of the year ??? Best answer: Answer by PeachyFixationdunno..hopefully it’ll be darker..maybe fantasy themed..:D Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


by Insert Magazine Question by marial51: Make-up??? Im starting to wear contacts, and I read that it’s better to wear water-based make-up than oil-based make-up if you’re wearing contacts. Whats the difference between water-based and oil-based make-up? And how do you tell which one it is? Also, if you know any good brands which sell … Read more

Q&A: Lingerie??????????????????????????????????

Question by Vampire Cameron: Lingerie?????????????????????????????????? Girls: Do you like wearing lingerie? Do you think it’s cute//sexy? Guys: Would you rather a woman wear lingerie or something else (or nothing)? I think it’s cute but ive never worn it Best answer: Answer by ♪the dark side of the moon♪no Know better? Leave your own answer in … Read more

Q&A: MAKEup…..?

Question by Corde Luver ♥: MAKEup…..? wat kind of make up should i wear with a blue, red, and sort of gold top and cute denim jeans? what sort of hairstyle should i have? do u think a harajuku lovers shirt is a cute gift? for my friend? and what shoes should i wear? Best … Read more


Question by Nina: FASHION…..??????????????????? I LOVE FASHION! i currently work in topshop, have good fashion sense and i simply adddoooore fashion. i really want to do something involving it when i get older. these are my predicted gcse grades: English A Maths A Chemistry C Physics A Biology B Art B Business C French B … Read more


by Scarleth White Question by davidishere: …..Fashion?…..? I would like to know what type of clothes are popular at the moment for my age group (I’m 14) because I don’t have a clue. I want to know what’s “in” because everyone says I have a bad fashion sense. So, if you could tell me what’s … Read more