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Chicago – Oriental Theater
Chicago life
Image by wallyg
The Oriental Theater (74 Randolph Street) occupies the site of one of the worst theater fires in US history; just weeks after opening in 1903, fire broke out in the Iroquois Theater, claiming almost 600 lives. The theater was rebuilt and operated until 1925, when it was demolished. The Oriental, built on the site, opened in 1926. The 22-story building, with its 3,238-seat auditorium, was designed by renowned theater architects Cornelius W. and George L. Rapp. Inspired by East Indian carnival-festival Durar, the theater’s interior is full of fantastic decorative elements, such as the elephant-head light fixtures in the foyer.

National Register #78003401 (1978)

Life and Death in Chicago
Chicago life
Image by erichcpeters
Something random I ran across while walking to get a cab to go to Wrigley Field. This pretty much sums up life in a big city. Sometimes you get the concrete and sometimes the concrete gets you. I don’t know what happened to this poor little bird, but judging from this site it couldn’t have been fun.

Brown Lining In Chicago
Chicago life
Image by Frank Gruber
Riding the CTA Brown Line to the Loop in Chicago.

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