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Chicago, Illinois (2009)


Chicago, Illinois (2009)

Check out these Chicago diversity images:

Chicago, Illinois (2009)
Chicago diversity
Image by Knoxville Museum of Art
Chicago, Illinois

Weaving students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2009.

Christy Matson, photographer.

Anne Wilson: Wind/Rewind/Weave
Knoxville Museum of Art


Log of sources 1 (4.29MB)
Log of sources 2 (3.9MB)
Log of sources 3 (3.55MB)

These logs present a diversity of locations of working weavers from various countries and time periods. Libby O’Bryan was the primary researcher of images. Emily Nachison added images, color corrected, and formatted the images with text. Emily Nachison worked from this image bank to create the display in the exhibition. This compilation will continue to grow.

Marching for LGBT Freedom! 06
Chicago diversity
Image by Gay Liberation Network
"Teach Equality Not Bigotry"
"Gay Rights Are Human Rights"
"Celebrate Diversity"
"Gay/Black Solidarity is a necessity not an option"

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